Reference/Evidence Post

Bibliography Copp, E. and Hootsuite. (2016) 10 benefits of social media for business. [Online video] [Accessed on 13th December 2016] Daoud, H. (2016) 8 essential elements of a social media marketing strategy: Social media examiner. socialmediaexaminer. [Online] [Accessed on 13th December 2016] Gallegos, J. A. (2016) The best social media campaigns of 2016…

Group Justification Post

The client for our chosen campaign is BMW, and promoting their new electric car, the i3. The use of Social Media is an effective digital platform to use, with the ability to spread and create awareness of the new i3 electric car easily and on a mass scale, reaching out to the vast number of…

#12daysofBMW campaign video

Here is our campaign video It describes social media as a platform to introduce the #12daysofBMW competition/campaign involving the BMW i3 electric car. LINK:

Digital Platform Appraisal Post

BMW i3 electric car 1. Definition of the digital platform Social media is a term used when relating to online platforms that allow people to share information, content and interact with one and other. Social media is often used to refer to sites such as Facebook, Instagram and twitter however there are many other different…

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