Group Justification Post

The client for our chosen campaign is BMW, and promoting their new electric car, the i3.

The use of Social Media is an effective digital platform to use, with the ability to spread and create awareness of the new i3 electric car easily and on a mass scale, reaching out to the vast number of people that use social media daily, it can be used on different sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram which are ever growing and evolving sites.

The decision to use the social media platform when promoting the new BMW i3, we felt would suit the client and prove successful whilst getting the public to engage in our campaign, as using social media is a fresh and modern way to market. Furthermore, the BMW name is already an established and trusted brand, many people can associate it with quality so therefore are more likely to take part in campaigns to do with BMW.

The main idea within our campaign is the idea of #12DaysOfBMW. The idea behind this is that over the twelve days, the public will engage and answer different questions on their new release the i3. Dependant on their answers, as questions will vary on topic based around electric cars and their new model, testing the public on their knowledge on the electric market. If people can then answer these twelve questions correctly they will be entered in to a draw to win a new BMW i3, this offers incentive for people to engage with the campaign. In addition, this promotes them to research further and broaden their understanding on the subject. This idea allows people to interact with their social media platforms and is easily accessible and enables the word to be spread quickly over different platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram which all offer the ability to use hashtags. When used properly, hashtags are a great way for individuals and brands to make their social posts more visible and increase engagement. They can give people useful context and cues for recall, aggregate posts and images together, and update a group of like-minded individuals on certain a topic in real time (Kolowich, 2016).

Many people are being heavily influenced on social media daily, certain adverts, videos and hashtags can spread and go viral extremely quickly. The idea of our #12DaysOfBMW, a similar response would be the aim for our campaign. With the more people engaging with the hashtag, the more recognition it will inevitably get. The result we would hope for from this campaign would be that awareness of the introduction of BMW’s new electric i3 to be spread around social media in addition to electric cars in general, as this will to benefit and help towards reducing carbon emissions. As much as the campaign is based on BMW it also carries another message, getting those uninterested or with a lack of knowledge on the electric market and cars, to spreading awareness on reducing emissions and making for a more sustainable world.



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